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  PHaTe was created in the year 2000 with the aim to allow its small group of users to access all their relevant current sites and links all within one page. As PHaTe and the community grew, we found more people were using the site more frequently as their everyday homepage.

Now, with a current community of approximately 15000 users (and growing daily), we have expanded our site to assist more people worldwide who wish to access most of their common and useful top web sites under one roof.

We have been complimented for using this method by many users who say it's cut back many hours of unnecessary surfing.  To date, with a large selection of top sites available, we still wish to continue growing this community to help new beginners and experienced users by making the Internet a faster and more useful way of accessing local, popular, new up and coming  top sites.


When Times Are Short, And You Can't Find The Site You Need, Let PHaTe Be Your Guide!